Interaxo brings efficiency into your construction projects. Tailor-made to streamline collaboration and processes. 

Modifications, delays and deviations are unforunately not uncommon in the construction industry. Nor are time-consuming disagreements and costly disputed.

Interaxo brings newfound efficiency to construction projects and gives you the visibility you need to spot problems earlier and control risks that can lead to delays and cost overruns. You have constant access to the latest version of all documents and drawings. The same applies to minutes of meetings and action lists. Modifications and deviations are always updated in the projects and, with full traceability, you can easily see what has been decided by whom and where.


Interaxo benefits for your construction project  

  • Complete control of modifications and document versions results in fewer delays and less risks of running up excessive costs
  • All information is easily accessible, which simplifies collaboration for everyone involved
  • Action lists customised for the construction industry reduce the need for extraordinary meetings
  • Approval and publication of drawings has been systematised, resulting in an effective workflow that saves a great deal of time and money in your projects. Print orders are placed directly from Interaxo
  • Complete traceability gives you better control as you can easily see what decision have been made and consequences involved
  • Intuitive, scalable structure that can be adapted as required to the relevant project phase
  • The Interaxo​ apps also increase accessibility as you can easily make reports from the construction site
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Screenshots from Interaxo

The Interaxo solution

mobilapp avvikshåndtering byggeplass interaxo onsite

Drawing management

Interaxo has different workflow templates for handling drawing management. Importing posts and drawings is quicker now than ever before. In addition, you have complete control of which drawings have been sent for revision and where the latest version has been saved.

tegningshåndtering interaxo redigering

Print orders

Send files to the relevant printing company directly from Interaxo. The printing company receive an email when a new order is placed and can access the new order even if they do not use Interaxo themselves.  

dokumenter og tegninger interaxo samhandling

Change management

Change management is formalised in Interaxo and save the project for lot of time and costs. Set up a workflow for handling unexpected changes in Interaxo using one of our templates. All documents and communication connected to the change are now easyily available and located in one place. You now have the visibility you need to spot problems and control risks that lead to delays and cost overruns.

interaxo dokumenter håndtering samhandling

Deviation management

Use one of the Interaxo templates to register new deviations or build a workflow adapted to the requirements of the project. Now your team can easily report new deviations by uploading images and details directly from their mobile phones. Documentation and communication are located in one place. Discover faults and find solutions more quickly. Save time and money from day one!  

tegningshåndtering interaxo redigering

BIM access

Interaxo has its own viewer fro IFC files. It can be used in all modern browsers and does not require a plugin. You can open a model easily in Interaxo and show it to other team members without the need for special BIM tools or being BIM experts. 

arbeidsflyt interaxo godkjenningsprosesser

Interaxo Mobile apps

With Interaxo Mobile you can handle your projects whenever it fits you - and wherever you are. You get more done in shorter time and will soon notice that your productivity will have a boost. 

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