Take control of your project with Interaxo - a cloud based platform built for collaboration in organisations!  

Are you tired of spending time looking for important information? Irritated that documents are dispersed throughout different systems and mailboxes? Having inadequate control of documents increases the risk of auditor-related problems, costly litigation, weakened trust on the part of employees and business partners, and appearing less professional than one would wish.

Interaxo allows you and your team easily, securely and with full traceability to access a secure environment, thus simplifying collaboration as well as the management and sharing of documents and work processes.  

In short, Interaxo is a smarter, more effective way of working - together!

Advantages for you and your team:

  • Complete control of all contracts/agreements, with due dates and notifications
  • Prevention of information leaks via email. Separate Board portal for secure sharing of documents
  • HR portal with strict access control, for sensitive documents and information about personnel
  • Management action list with complete traceability generates confidence in decision-making
  • Easier to fulfil ever-increasing requirements regarding laws and regulations
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Screenshots from Interaxo - Business and Management module

Overview of Interaxo for Business and Management

internal collaboration collaborationtool project tool

Organisational cooperation

With a restricted project room for internal cooperation in the cloud, all members quickly get an overview of and access to update relevant documentation and information. This could include information from management, procedures, work regulations, contact information etc. 

dokumenter og tegninger interaxo samhandling

Contract management

A template for effective management of all types of contracts entered by the company and its employees, providing full control of the company's ongoing agreements. The possibility to activate a function that notifies the person in charge prior to the expiry of an agreement.

managment portal managment projectleader compliance secure latest versions document handling

Management portal ensuring compliance

A separate, restricted portal for the company's management group. This ensures that regulatory systems are complied with, and contributes to better control. Everyone knows where the latest versions of documents have been saved. Contains templates for approval processes. Easy to trace documents on the basis of dialogues, agreements and history.

board portal access control document handling security latest versions

Board portal with strict access control

A restricted board portal where the chair and members can upload, share and pass on documentation. All documents are available for all board members irrespective of their location. Complete traceability means that there is never any doubt where the latest version has been saved or who has said what.

workflow iso deviation management iso 9001-2008

Deviation management connected to ISO

Secure registration, analysis, modification and implementation of deviations in accordance with the ISO process. Own template that fulfills certification as per ISO 9001-2008.

easy access interaxo mobileapps

Easy access via mobile apps

With the Interaxo mobile apps, you always have access to all documents, agendas and work processes in which you are involved in your company, directly on your tablet - irrespective of where in the world you might be. 

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