Teekay builds across time zones

Teekay Shuttle & Offshore has used our collaboration tools since 2011 and today has around 150 users connected. Merete Grov Thorsen speaks about her experience.


With offices spread throughout the world and a rapidly-growing company, it was important for Teekay to find an efficient method for collaborating over large distances and in different time zones. The company wanted to move away from e-mail as the primary channel for communication and move towards a dynamic platform that provided a good overview. The goal was to achieve a more efficient workflow for a number of different projects.

“We have a more interactive working day. We always have a good overview of our projects and everybody works efficiently together towards a clear, common goal"

Merete Grov Thorsen, Document Management, Teekay Shuttle and Offshore Services (TSO)


Teekay Shuttle & Offshore has been using our collaboration platform since 2011 and today has around 150 users connected to the tool. In collaboration with Symetri Collaboration, the company has developed a structure offering a number of interactive workrooms, which form the framework for Teekay’s projects. Teekay can therefore bring in different collaborative partners connected to the project, gather all processes to a single location and ensure that everybody works on the basis of exactly the same standard.


Teekay Shuttle & Offshore has experienced a number of advantages and cites document approval as one of the work processes that has been streamlined since its introduction.

"With this collaboration tool you can easily ensure a high level of quality assurance for technical documentation throughout the construction process by directly commenting on and revising different documents and processes. Interaxo is intuitive in use and the documents are easily accessible to all of those involved in the project, something that gives us a simple and easy to understand way of fulfilling the many standard requirements that are stipulated in our industry”, says Merete Grov Thorsen, Document Management at Teekay Shuttle & Offshore.

Another advantage is less pressure on internal IT resources, fewer e-mails and reduced paper costs. In addition, Teekay find a greater openness in the work as being a major advantage.

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