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Otra Kraft is operating the project exclusively on our solutions and is very satisfied with the tool.


Brokke North and South is a large project involving a large number of contracts that are simultaneously in progress. The developer’s main task is to manage all of the contracts of the project. At the start of the project the developer had a clear wish to use an uncomplicated platform that was secure and had effective drawing management and the option for several workrooms. 

“Interaxo is neat and uncomplicated and contributes to the fast and efficient transfer of drawings and interaction.”

Harald Kjetil Glendrange, Project Manager at Otra Kraft DA


The choice fell on Interaxo, a tool that Project Manager Harald Kjetil Glendrange already had good experience of from a previous project. Otra Kraft has in collaboration with Symetri Collaboration's customised the solution to their needs and have five different workrooms where they keep track of all contracts and the progress of the project. The company also uses Interaxo for internal communication and has a common workroom where notifications and working data are issued.



Otra Kraft operates the project exclusively on Interaxo and is very satisfied with the tool. They continually monitor changes and can trace the relevant elements of the process. Everything is in one place and with large and complicated contracts this perspective is of key importance to the progress of the project.
«Interaxo has many smart and useful functions, including processing changes to the various contracts and drawing management. The tool is essential for effective interaction between contractor, supplier and developer”, says Petra Marie G. Homme, Project Secretary at Otra Kraft.

The company also sees further potential in the tool and wishes to use it for interaction in future projects.
«Interaxo is quite simply a neccessity in a working day such as ours. Having this type of storage location where we record all stages of the process and distribute all of the requisite information is of vital importance to the project", says Harald Kjetil Glendrange, Project Manager at Otra Kraft DA.

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