Lyse ensures efficient project management

Lyse has been using Interaxo as its common collaboration platform since 2006.

Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group within energy, infrastructure and telecommunications. The company was founded in 1998 and is today owned by sixteen municipalities within the Rogaland area. Lyse sells and produces energy and telecommunications products. The company currently employs almost 1,000 people and in 2011 turned over 5.3 billion NOK.


Prior to Lyse using Interaxo, email, spreadsheets, minutes of meetings, SAPs and other tools were used across all of the departments within the group. Information, communication and project management were spread over many systems and represented a major challenge for the users. Even though Lyse had a good internal structure and control over the various projects, the use of all of the different systems was not very efficient.


Lyse has used Interaxo as its common interactive platform since 2006. Project manager Jonny Pedersen is the man who spearheaded the implementation of Interaxo for Lyse’s larger projects and he is able to say that its use has spread internally within the group as more employees have become aware of the tool. Lyse decided to initially put Interaxo into operation during the construction of the Jøssang Power Station and has subsequently been involved in the further development of new functionality in collaboration with Symetri Collaboration. Functionality such as document management and approval prosseses, reports on undesirable events, secure job analyses and change management have been essential for the most effcient project management possible. Lyse has also decided that all information sharing, such as email and minutes of meetings, is to take place in Interaxo in order to ensure that everybody involved in the project has access to the most recently updated information and therefore able to keep to important deadlines.


Jonny Pedersen has previously used a competing interactive tool, but sees the clear advantages in using Interaxo: ”Interaxo is unique due to the fact that the tool is very simple to administer and that we can coordinate everything from a single place. The feedback from our users is that the system is easy to use, it is easy adding new project members and rights control is managed efficiently by the use of different groups with defined access levels. Interaxo provides us with a sound basis for a structured approach to our project work and we can say with pride that all of our projects have been delivered in accordance with the project plan and budget over the last few years”, says Jonny Pedersen, Hired Project Manager and Engineering Manager at Lyse. Interaxo has been a valuable tool in the process of completing Jøssang Power Station and now as Lysebotn Power Station is at the enquiry stage, Interaxo will again play an important role in ensuring its progress and completion in accordance with the deadline and budget.

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