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Those of our customers who use our consultancy services and courses, find that the project much faster reaches the point where they save time, money and resources. Make sure that you discuss your project with our consultants at an early stage. This will provide the project with a unique opportunity for knowledge transfer and it will ensure optimal usage of Interaxo. Together we will go through value chains, processes and typical issues that may be encountered during the project.

We have wide experience with best practice in similar projects and will ensure that you get an interactive solution with related work processes that can save the project time and money. We also provide customised courses that will enable administrators and users of Interaxo to quickly put the interactive solution into operation.

Our consultancy services

You decide how much consultancy your project requires. Some customers prefer to use our consultants on an as-needed basis in conjunction with a re-organisation, re-structuring or to assist in establishing new applications in Interaxo. Others use our consultants as regular partners throughout the entire project in order to ensure best practices. Examples of our consultant services:


We recommend that you use one of our consultants at the earliest possible stage of the project in order to define and establish an overall structure for the project in Interaxo. Together you will go through your specific needs so that all general and contract-specific processes and role-based accesses are matched to the need for collaboration in the project. Our experience is that a thorough building of structures and working methods at an early stage is an investment that will be of benefit later on in the project.

Regular reviews

We recommend that you use our consultants for regular reviews and to make changes to established project templates in order to capture and implement good experiences gained from the project. Make an agreement with your Interaxo consultant and we will follow you up at the agreed times.

Continual consultancy assistance

For large, demanding projects it may be advantageous to have continual access to guidance and evaluation. Our consultants have extensive experience and know how a number of problems that arise as the project progresses can be solved in the best possible way in Interaxo.

Our courses

Administrator course – the key to success

For all new customers, we recommend a full-day administrator course. The role of administrator is important in order to be successful with the implementation of Interaxo. In addition to be a driving force in the establishment of an appropriate structure for the workrooms, it is important that the administrator understands and establishes secure, role-based access control for each workroom.

User course - get going quickly

When an appropriate collaboration structure has been established in Interaxo, we recommend a half-day introductory course for new users. This will enable users to quickly gain an understanding and knowledge of Interaxo and the project will achieve benefit realization sooner. We always tailor the user course to the collaboration needs and structure of the project. The project participants will have the structure of the room explained and shown to them, as well as the workflow that forms the basis for the processes and other important elements.

Course in drawing management

Drawings and their revisions have an important function in many projects. In order to achieve the most efficient management possible when using Interaxo, we recommend a course where our consultant will go through this part of the tool in detail. The project will achieve benefits in the form of time savings and resource utilization much sooner.

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