Interaxo gives you full control and boost your project efficiency!

Interaxo is a secure place for collaboration and document management in the cloud. It is easy to implement and quickly becomes a natural part of the workflow. If you ask yourself what function Interaxo serves and who it is made for, the answer is simple; Interaxo can be used in all types of projects and by all companies, and it also offers a number of benefits. 

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    Business and Management
  • Easy collaboration
    with internal and external actors. 

  • Document management with version control
    Upload, read and share documents.

  • Workflow
    Step-by-step workflow for continuous development and improvement to suit your processes. Easy to set up and configure your own workflows, which is unique to Interaxo.   

  • Access control and traceability
    Easy to decide who should have access to different project rooms and documents. Everything can be traced.  

  • Task management with deadlines
    makes it easy for those responsible to follow up different tasks.

  • Import and export  
    files, entries and member lists.  

  • Drawing management with revision history
    and publishing of construction documents. Best on the market!

  • Multiple import of large numbers
    of files and entries with automatic revision management.

  • Archiving of entries
    locks all content and simplifies transfer to the archiving system.

  • Print order
    Order drawings etc direct from Interaxo to your print agency.

  • Viewer
    that supports more than 100 file formats, included CAD files.

  • Annotation with publishing function
    - mark up and add text and figures in the viewer  
    - add revision markings and checkboxes 
    - print out as PDF/TIF with all markings visible  

  • BIM
    integrated viewer for IFC-files.

  • Revisions and deviations
    Own process for efficient revision and deviation management.

  • Contract managment
    with due dates and notifications of due dates. 

  • Board portal
    Closed portal for secure and traceable sharing of boarding doduments.

  • Management portal
    ensures better control for the company's management group.

  • Custom template for registration of deviations and improvements
    The deviations process can be used as support in an ISO 9001 certified organisation

  • HR-portal 
    with strict access control for sensitive documents and information about personnel.

  • Interaxo on-Site
    Registrer deviations in our app, without delay. Works even without mobile coverage.

  • Interaxo Mobile
    Mobile app that gives you access to Interaxo when and where you want.

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