Visual Boards creates a common understanding of what construction projects are expected to deliver.

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The biggest problem in projects is usually the lack of a common project overview that shows clearly what is to be delivered, when and by whom.
With Visual Boards, you get:

interaxo dokumenter håndtering samhandling

Status overview

A tool with which all project members can see the status of the project

arbeidsflyt interaxo godkjenningsprosesser

Easier project management

A project management tool that makes it easier to create an overview of construction projects right from the start

mobilapp avvikshåndtering byggeplass interaxo onsite

Visual overview

A visual overview of questions that are difficult to solve and therefore require further work


Visual Boards – a tool for VDC and ICE

Visual Boards is a superb tool for projects in the planning phase. As the visual presentation is based on a combination of VDC and ICE methods it is much easier to plan and design projects with greater precision right from the start.

With a simple drag-and-drop function, you can move sticky notes from different disciplines and members, deal with questions and answers, and plan for the continued development of the project. With Visual Boards, you can quite simply work more efficiently before, during and after your meetings.

Screen dumps of Visual Boards

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