Bring more efficiency into your projects

Interaxo is a secure way of collaborating in teams and projects. Get full control and insight in all steps and phases, in all documents and workflows. It is quite simply a smarter way of working.

Safe document management

In Interaxo all kinds of electronical files can be stored - easy accessible to all project members. You can search for, edit and share files with others. Full control of all versions.

Traceable collaboration

Interaxo makes it easy to work together on documents and work processes. You can invite internal and external project members to collaborate. Subscribe to changes and get full control of who said what and when.

Save time with workflows

In Interaxo, you can automate critical processes with workflow templates and that way improve the efficiency of the work group and your projects. The workflow shows exactly how you work and how the project is proceeding.

Controlled approval processes

All tasks that should be approved, together with the associated documentation, discussions and comments, follow a step-by-step approval process in Interaxo. With full traceability, there is never any doubt about who has done what and when.

Efficient action lists

With Interaxo you have access to an active tool that will continually remind you about deadlines and in which you can quickly see which tasks and areas of responsibility are yours. These action lists also contribute to fewer and more efficient meetings.

Easy to administer

The project administrator has a full overview of members, roles, access and folder structures in Interaxo. You can either use our industry-specific templates or create your own structures.


There is good security provision in Interaxo thanks to ultra-modern and advanced technological solutions, first-class cloud services and collocation from data centres in Norway. We focus on advanced solutions, security and redundancy.


With Interaxo onSite you have access to your projects wherever you are. At home from the sofa, when you are on the move or out on the building site. With the app, you can easily register deviations direct from your mobile.

Time reporting and resource planning

Get a full overview of the project resources and project budget and see which staff have capacity and which are overbooked. This is the perfect tool for companies that invoice per hour.

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