Terms and Conditions for Interaxo and eRoom 

Our solutions are the professional's choice of collaboration solution. To maintain our customers' trust in us, we have made the attachments to the Customer Agreement available here. By clicking on the links below, you can easily view and print these attachments. If you have questions about any of the attachments, please contact us at firmapost@symetricollaboration.com.

Terms and Conditions Interaxo

The objective of the agreement is to ensure the scope, access and quality of IT products and services that Symetri Collaboration as a provider should give you as a customer.


Data Processing Agreement

The handling of personal data is subject to legal requirements in accordance with the General Data Processing Agreement (GDPR). The Data Processing Agreement regulates the dealings between Symetri Collaboration as the Data Processor and the Customer as the Data Controller. Our Privacy Policy describes in detail which personal data are handled. The Data Processing Agreement is part of our general contractual terms.


Privacy Policy

We emphasize the privacy for you as our customer. This Privacy Statement outlines the type of information from visitors to our services we can (and can not) register in Interaxo and eRoom, and how we may use that information.


If you would like to see what personal information we store on behalf of you as an individual or if you wish to delete your personal information, please complete the attached forms

Personal Removal Request Form | Personal Data Request Form

Security Statement

Symetri Collaboration acknowledges and understands that all content and information in Interaxo is absolutely critical for your business. The Privacy Statement explains how we take the responsibility to provide you with a reliable, safe workplace very seriously. We have taken great care to ensure that your content is always available and secure.


Price Structure

Interaxo and eRoom is priced per user per month. Price includes support, operation and storage with sufficient capacity for a normal large construction project with documents and any images, technical drawings etc. Users can participate in an unlimited number of projects. 

We create a project area where you can store an unlimited number of project rooms/ projects. The number of members is measured from month to month. You have full control over how many users are active in Interaxo per month. 

For more details about prices, please contact our sales team.


Terms and Conditions Interaxo API


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