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Symetri Collaboration is the market leader in Norway in delivering collaboration solutions for construction projects. We have more than 60,000 users who use our solutions on a daily basis. Our customers include among others Lyse, Hæhre, Sporveien, Bane NOR, Otra Kraft, Statkraft, Bærum Kommune and Site Services.

Our business idea

Symetri Collaboration develops and delivers collaboration solutions for projects within the industries of building and construction, oil and gas, energy and engineering. Through solid industry knowledge we contribute to more efficient work processes, improved sharing of information as well as increased project quality and profitability for our customers.

The history of Symetri Collaboration

Symetri Collaboration was established in 2001 with a vision of providing Internet-based collaboration solutions to”everybody who builds something”. Four founders with backgrounds in the construction industry established the company. The partnership with eRoom Technology Inc. was quickly established and the leasing service (SaaS/cloud service) was launched with great success. Today we are a product development company with more than 50 employees and turnover in excess of 100 million NOK. Our customers operate projects in all parts the world and collaborate via our solutions provided and operated from Oslo, Norway.

In September 2013 the company was sold to Addnode Group. Addnode Group is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is the Nordic market leader within IT solutions for design, construction and product life cycles. This has accelerated our expansion outside Norway. Symetri Collaboration AB was established during winter of 2013. At the same time as expanding internationally, we have established a new collaboration platform with greater support for complex work processes.

Interaxo is central to our new platform. Interaxo is a specially-constructed name, but is derived from the Esparanto word for interaction – “interago”. With the aid of our historical success and experience and our new owner Addnode Group, we intend to continue with our growth and development in Norway and internationally. Our vision is central to us and our customers; “Together we shall create project success”. 

About Addnode Group

Addnode Group provides mission-critical IT solutions to selected markets in both private and public sectors. We acquire, build and manage companies that deliver IT solutions for the specific needs of our clients. Every day, 250,000 engineers use our systems to develop and maintain products, buildings and facilities. 100,000 civil servants in the public sector use our solutions for municipal and state administration. We have 950 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, USA, India and Serbia. In 2013 net sales totaled SEK 1 444 M. Addnode's Series B share is listed on the OMX Nordic List, Mid Cap.



Meet our managers

We form a dedicated expert environment that is passionate about what we do. With us there is plenty of headroom and the immediate manager is never far away. We believe that it is the individual employee who creates value for our customers and who makes the difference.

Steinar Svinø CEO

I have been on the Board of Directors since 2002 and actively joined the company in 2003 as Non-executive Chairman. It has been an exciting and eventful experience to take the company from its establishment phase and grow it into a medium-size Norwegian development company with over 50 employees with an exciting future within a Nordic IT group employing over 800 people.

Nicolai Loennechen Consulting and Development Director

I joined Symetri Collaboration in 2013. I have more than fifteen years experience from consultancy within the IT industry. It has been unbelievably exciting to come to a dynamic company that focuses on the development of its own products. My goal is to further develop our consultancy services to enable us to provide our customers with the best support in the use of our solutions.

Kim Wittusen Sales Manager

I started at Symetri Collaboration as a salesperson in 2006. Since then, awareness of collaborative solutions has grown hugely on the market, and it has been very exciting to follow this development and be part of the journey. It is incredibly motivating to work with customers and help them structure and improve the efficiency of their workday and to show them how to free up time and ensure that their projects and processes run to plan or better.

Frode Brurberg Hansen Senior Product Manager & Head of Product Department

I joined Symetri Collaboration in 2012 as a Product Manager for eRoom and our cloud based collaboration portal Interaxo. After more than 10 years of experience with economy and financie solutions it was exciting to move into a complete new industry where I can be a part of developing smart and effective collaboration tools for our customers.

Geir Johnson IT Director

I have worked at Symetri Collaboration since the beginning of 2012 with responsibility for IT operations, support and service delivery. After more than twenty years within the IT service industry it is exciting to work in an IT company that is focused on both product development and delivery of SaaS solutions, and with the customer clearly in focus.

Anne Vognild Financial and Administration Manager

I have worked at Symetri Collaboration since 2008. I find it stimulating and exciting to work within a small organisation with short decision paths, little bureaucracy and a lot of headroom. Even though we now have more than 50 employees, we have retained the special culture that has largely contributed to our success. It is also great that we have been voted a Gazelle Company nine years in a row.

Camilla Bredal Antonsen HR Manager

I have worked at Symetri Collaboration since it started in 2001. It has been an exciting journey from 4 to more than 50 employees. I feel fortunate to be able to work with what I am most passionate about: creating conditions for our staff to do the best possible job. Together we can create successful projects!

Lennart Klintmalm Sales Manager Sweden

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