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The success stories play an important role to solve different social challenges in society. We want to help highlighting some of the projects our clients are creating - and bring them out by showing the diversity in the small and large projects our customers work with on a daily basis.  

Now our customers have the opportunity to win their own video that will show their project - for free. We visit your company or the building site, shoot the video and interview key members in the project. The result is a nice video you can use for free and share with project members or collegues as internal information and culture building - or externally through website to profile your company. Sometimes we even use a drone when shooting the movie! 

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"Fjuk oppvekstsenter" adapted for children of all ages 

We continue searching for good building stories. "Fjuk oppvekstsenter" is a completely new school with a beautiful and safe outdoor area perfect for play. The building is located very close to nature with beautiful rural surroundings. The building has a linear design - built for the children to move from one part of the building (preschool) to the other part when growing up. 

The municipality of Suldal is building a new sewage treatment well 

The old works were destroyed by a fire in 2010. The municipality had no other option than to build a new one. This is an area used by schools with thousands of pupils for paddling and swimming - as well as the local population who come here to hike. There are 6 contractors in this project. There are many parties involved. They all need information - preferably right away. Interaxo is an excellent tool for distributing information quickly. We use Interaxo mainly for drawings, minutes of meetings - and all information that go contractor during construction phase. It makes my duty to inform much easier!

First public gymnasium for gymnasts in Oslo  

Special gymnasiums for gymnasts are rare in Norway. Therefore it is a great need for dedicated gymnasiums with special equipment. This allow more time for training and improvement of the skills for Norway's gymnastic talents. The project want to deliver the building as good as possible with zero faults. This is the first Project this Client has used Interaxo from the beginning. They used it primarly for drawings and minutes of meetings. 

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